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About Sandy Szabat, ND

Sandy Szabat, ND:

Modern Mystery School Certified Guide, Healer, Teacher, Ritual Master, and Oregon Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor

I have been a Naturopathic Doctor for over 20 years. I chose that path to honor my love of nature and to learn the Naturopathic model of whole person healing and wellness for body, mind, and spirit. While the Naturopathic training was good, I found it essential to seek further understanding of how to approach the aspect of spirit. So for more than 16 years, I have also been studying energetic healing and metaphysics with the Modern Mystery School. At Integrative Healing Arts Center, I offer a delightful mixture of options to help enliven your body, mind, and spirit: IV therapy, diet and nutrition counseling, detox protocols, meditation classes, energetic clearing protocols, the Ensofic Ray Healing modality, Life Activations, Full Spirit Activation, the signature Empower Thyself Progam, and much more! Through this unique combination of services, people learn to balance body, mind, and spirit to achieve true well-being and can choose to follow a path of progression for continued personal and spiritual growth. My passion is inspiring people to fulfill their highest potential in life by exploring and expanding their vision of who and what they truly are so they are empowered to actualize their authentic selves in the world

About Sandy Szabat, ND

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