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The Modern Mystery School

Meet our community of Guides, Healers and Teachers trained and certified through

                   The Modern Mystery School

My name is Ben Sylvester and I am a traveler, seeker, and lover of life. I’ve traveled the world searching for something I could not put a name to but knew in my heart was out there. That search has lead me to seek that truth from with in myself and now I guide others to seek their own personal truth. I’ve lived, I’ve lost, and I understand what it means to stand up when knocked down.  I’m am an Army Veteran having served over 10 years overseas as a soldier and contractor.  

Modern Mystery School Certified Guide, Healer, Teacher, Ritual Master and OR Board Certified ND

I have been a Naturopathic Doctor for almost 20 years. I chose that path to honor my love of nature and to learn the Naturopathic model of whole person healing for body, mind, and spirit. For the past 10 years, I have also been studying energetic healing and metaphysics with the Modern Mystery School because I found it essential to seek further understanding of how to approach the aspect of spirit.  At Integrative Healing Arts, I offer IV therapy, Ensofic Reiki, diet and nutrition counseling, meditation classes, energetic clearing protocols, detox protocols, Life Activations, and much more!  Through this unique combination of services, people learn to balance body, mind, and spirit to achieve true well-being and can choose to follow a path of progression for continued personal and spiritual growth. My passion is inspiring people to fulfill their highest potential in life by exploring and expanding their vision of who and what they truly are so they are empowered to actualize their authentic selves in the world.

Certified Modern Mystery School Healer, Teacher, Level 3 Ritual Master & Guide

Hi, Diana Wood here, always the seeker looking for answers to life’s big questions.  Like, who am I, why am I here, and what is the meaning of my life. It has been quite the journey, but thankfully I discovered the ancient mystery school teachings!  For the last 13 years I have been studying with the Modern Mystery School where all my questions and then some have been revealed.  The amazing thing about MMS is that the avenues for learning and discovery are never ending.   I have studied extensively, grown to know myself, enhanced my natural healing gifts, expanded my intuition and I am truly living my life purpose, how sweet it is!  There is so much that I would like to share with you to enhance your life and well being, to have fulfillment, connection, purpose, to achieve your dreams……AND HAVE JOY! 

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